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Dyed roving, available in many different colours.

Roving, Dyed

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Natural Roving is also known as “washed and carded wool” or “webbing”. It is available by the pound or in smaller quantities in natural white.

Dyed Roving is also available by the ounce. We don’t have large quantities of most colours, so please inquire. We will try to meet your needs.

The properties of wool make it useful in a variety of ways. Wool is very resilient and retains its loft. It is warm even when wet, and wicks moisture away from the body. An effective insulator, it maintains warmth because of the air that it traps within its fibres. It is resistant to mold, mildew and dust mites. It can readily be washed (following our instructions) and can also be purposely shrunk, to felt. It is naturally flame resistant.

Our customers have used it in creative and interesting projects: – dry or wet felting and sculpting (see; filling toys or pillows, meditation pads, animal bedding; protecting spots that rub between toes; sewing knee pads into work pants; and cushioning the toes of ballet slippers. Hand spinners who don’t want the hard work of washing raw wool use it to make yarn.

As with all our products, this comes with Topsy Farms Guarantee of Excellence.

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