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Topsy Farms wool mattress toppers are available in the same dimensions as the top of a standard mattress. Sturdy elastic straps on the corners hold the pad securely in place. Decorative stitching keeps the wool firmly in position to prevent bunching.

Washed and carded pure wool encased in un-bleached cotton is ideal for bedding. It is resilient, and holds air, enabling the bedding to “breathe” (unlike man-made fibres) promoting natural body circulation and cool comfort.

These wool mattress toppers are hypoallergenic, as they naturally resist moulds, mildew and dust mites.

Our mattress pads can be machine washed with care, following our instructions. We strongly recommend using Eucalan Wool Wash, as it enhances the natural lanolin in the wool. 

This bedding carries the Topsy Farms label, our sign that it is an authentic product and that it carries our Guarantee of Excellence.

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Mattress Topper, Double (77" x 56")
  • $310.00
Mattress Topper, Queen (82" x 62")
  • $350.00
Mattress Topper, King (82" x 78")
  • $410.00
Mattress Topper, Twin (77" x 50")
  • $285.00