There is a remarkable 1.160-acre section of land here at the farm boasting approximately 100 meters of naturalized beachfront, nestled within wild marshland and woodland. We call it “The Slip".

In the past, The Slip was where the hippies kept their boats and pigs (the ruins of the old “Pig Palace” still exist today). This is an enchanting, protected area.

Municiple zoning rules will not allow us to sever the property due to its ecological significance. So, while we are unable to sell or farm this unique space, we have come up with a way to share its beauty with a select group of individuals through an exclusive membership program.

This is how we keep the farmland as a farm.

Key Features

Access During Wool Shed Hours

Members will enjoy exclusive access to this captivating natural haven during our Wool Shed hours, ensuring the farm's tranquility remains undisturbed overnight.

Check-In and Parking

Visitors will conveniently check in at the Wool Shed and park their vehicles at our farm, ensuring a seamless and coordinated experience for all members.

Membership Options

We offer four membership options to cater to diverse preferences


How to Enjoy the Preserve

  • Bring chairs and enjoy your time.
  • Explore the woods and marsh (watch out for ticks).
  • Picnic – portable grills welcome within reason.
  • Tread gently.
  • Take photos and share your experience #YNP #YourNaturePreserve #TopsyFarms #ConnectToTheLand
  • Leave when Wool Shed closes.
  • Understand that there may be others at the beach at the same time (for more privacy ask at the Wool Shed for accommodation).


How Not to Enjoy the Preserve

  • Don't show up to YNP without checking in.
  • No open-air fires (grills ok, camp fires not ok).
  • Don't bring home souvenirs from the property.
  • No overnight camping.
  • Don't be so loud that you disturb others.
  • No off-leash dogs.
  • Don't take out Jake’s boats.


If you have any questions about Your Nature Preserve, get in touch and we'll connect as soon as possible