Fitting land

The 4 fields have now been prepared for seeding , called fitting land. We hired some of our neighbours with bigger land working equipment to help us get the land worked properly. The first field was sown this afternoon but rain prevented more work being done.

Fitting land – as it is called – is really like preparing a lawn or garden but on a large scale. Ploughing is akin to spade work. Disking is akin to hoeing or rototilling. Cultivating is akin to raking. A cultipacker or roller is used after the seeding to compact the soil around the seed.

This is a very expensive process and we avoid it as much as possible. There is, however, a real feeling of accomplishment when one looks at a well worked and planted field. Once a field is planted there is the waiting to see if there will be enough moisture for good seed germination followed by enough sunlight and rain for growth but not too much of either.