Crafting Shearling Sheepskins

We are introducing Crafting Shearling Sheepskins in response to significant demand.crafting-shearling-sheepskins

All shearling sheepskins are chosen for the highest density of wool; the thickest loft, then trimmed to the desired length of staple, from 8 mm to 25 mm, standing up like a dense ‘brushcut’. They come in 3 forms:

  1. Customers use Medical skins of top quality shearling for cushioning back and bottom, preventing or relieving sores.
  2. Naturally coloured shearlings are new.
  3. Crafting Shearling sheepskins are available at a lower cost. These are dense, trimmed skins with small defects, ideal for cutting into the desired shape.

crafting-shearling-sheepskinsPeople are showing impressive creativity with these Crafting Shearling Sheepskins.

The most common uses are for beds for dogs and cats, from tiny wee pups that are carried in a handbag to very big dogs. Sometimes the owner entices the pet to their new Crafting Shearling Sheepskin to protect the new sheepskin purchased for themselves.

crafting-shearling-sheepskinsThe longer staple Crafting skins are sometimes cut into two seat pads. They are comfortable – excellent for preventing or reducing friction sores for people, and they look lovely. Jennifer wrote: “the skins arrived today. They are more gorgeous than I imagined! I need to sharpen my scissors and calm down before cutting!” She made 6 wooden chair pads from 3 skins.

crafting-shearling-sheepskinsAn increasing number of our customers make baby booties, with 16 mm sheepskin soles. We make them too, using every scrap of the supple resilient Crafting Shearling Sheepskins.

The tops of crutches or seat belts or any places that rub or chaff can be padded with cut shearling sheepskin pieces.

All our shearling sheepskins are washable, resilient, fire retardant and hypoallergenic.

crafting-shearling-sheepskinsWe have two customers who are using Crafting Shearling Sheepskins to express their love of horses. One has designed a saddle warmer. She cut a skin carefully to pattern, stitched it, and now uses it regularly.

Another home business supplies carefully hand-built and designed horse tack. The owner is working on a prototype for Velcro-attached, sheepskin-covered cheek pads for bridles and other spots that might rub. She is delighted with her first experiments.

Shearling sheepskins – medical, naturally coloured and for crafting – are available at the Wool Shed on Amherst Island, where we pay the 13% sales tax, or from our on-line store.

What creative uses might you discover?

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