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Chemical Free Homemade Dog Food

Chemical Free Homemade Dog Food

Downward Dog

We’ve started making chemical free homemade dog food for our hard-working dogs. Five guardian dogs live outdoors year-round, working hardest at nights to patrol and protect our flock of sheep. During cold winters, dogs need extra nutrients and digestible fats.

Research on-line gives a scary range of opinions, recipes and advice about making homemade dog food. It’s clear that making homemade dog food takes time, learning and love for the animals in your care.

Chemical Free Homemade Dog Food

Blackie guards his food.

It is most important to know, when making chemical free homemade dog food, that the meat comes from healthy animals and not those laden with antibiotics and other medicines.

Our dogs eat older mutton and we offer it for sale to dog lovers. Dog owners can order this chemical free meat for healthier and happier dogs, ground and packaged in quantities that fit their needs. It is available at various times during the year. Add your name to this list and we’ll let you know exactly when.

“It is important to know where your meat comes from.”

Chemical Free Homemade Dog Food

Peter Guards the Flock

That comment has been a universal response from customers (true for people and pets!)

One daschund owner was a farmer and knows the chemical overload that can be in commercial foods. His beloved Dominic lived 8 years in a Topsy sheepskin-padded wheelchair, staying active and well on a mainly cooked diet that has included our mutton for years. He says his dogs are “sleek, shiny coated, well-muscled and slender”.

“We buy from Topsy Farms because we know the animals are well-treated and live a healthy pasture life; the meat is not chemical-laden.

If you cannot pronounce it, don’t eat it” says another customer, a healer.

Their 4 rescue dogs (and a steadily increasing number of cats) are thriving in their new home and with their improved diet of chemical free homemade dog food. The family uses no commercial dog food, serving mainly raw meat, vegetables and supplements. Their meat is chopped or ground then frozen.

“Emotional trauma symptoms are reduced, infections and minor ailments disappear, and aches and pains are decreased” says this proud dog rescuer and family chef. She buys a whole mutton at a time, ground, frozen and packaged in 1 lb packs, for convenience.

Chemical Free Homemade Dog Food

Trixi feasting on high

Also for sale this summer will be fat from our grass-fed, market yearlings. This will contain no residue from grains. It has a high percentage of Omega fats – ideal for consumption. Topsy will be using it for our dogs in winter. When feeding our dogs at Topsy Farms, we enrich kibble with our own mutton and mix in homegrown vegetables and other nutrients.

For those who love their family pets, making homemade dog food – or at least supplementing it well – makes perfect sense. Topsy Farms mutton and yearling fat is a valuable addition.

Let us tell you when it’s on sale. Sign up for this dog-lover version of our electronic newsletter. Or email and mention your interest in mutton and or dog food.

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