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I purchased a sheepskin that has some white, grey/black and brown in it. When I purchased it, I wasn't sure I'd like it as much as the look of the iconic all-white sheepskin (which were out of stock), but now I'm very glad I couldn't get white because I'm loving the natural look of this one so much! The loft and overall quality are incredible and I'm so grateful knowing that it came from a well-loved sheep. It has become a warm, welcoming part of my meditation nook and I won't hesitate to buy others in the future as gifts.

Lofty and cushioning

In a world that sometimes has a lot of hard situations, these deep soft lambskins give us comfort with both their woolliness and their beautiful natural colours.
Leah and Colette provided the photos and specific descriptions I needed in order to be sure of each choice.

Mike and Linda
Shaggy sheepskin

So far we are very pleased with our acquisition. Colette very kindly sent us some photos of available sheepskins and we were able to shop from a distance. Merry Christmas to us. Maybe one day we will actually make the trek to Topsy Farms ourselves.

Super sheepskin

I love my new sheepskin, and it looks great on my sofa. I feel very cosy, and warm and so appreciate it, especially spending so much time at home during the pandemic. I am very happy with the quality and very pleasantly surprised at how big is. This was a big splurge and I don't regret it, it is well worth it. The delivery was very fast as well, thanks.

Not like the photo, in texture or color.

Perhaps it was my mistake to think that the rug would be as beautiful as the one in the photo advertises. Its not. The hair is not long and shaggy like the photo, it is one inch and dense, looks trimmed and uniform. It has hardly any variation, no light greys and creams like the photo, it is brown and almost monotone. I know they are all different and I was looking for something organic in texture and color, but this isn't even close to the same level of beauty. And its brown? Its like an online date where the person used their sibling's photos to get a date. I feel duped. I would try and sell it online, but there is no way someone would pay $250 for this if there was a photo. I would be ok with it if it was long and shaggy and brown, or short and dense hair but with the grey tones, but its neither. Last time I will ever buy something without a photo online.