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Beautiful colour

My box of yarn-y goodness arrived a few days after ordering, and what fun it was to open it! While this review is for the green heather (which is beautiful, I love it!) I also ordered other colours with the idea of trying to knit fairisle hats. I’m impressed with both the quality of the wool, and the colours. Thank you Topsy team, I really appreciate what you’re doing at the farm, and that I can order from a Canadian business. Now to start knitting those hats.....

Great colour and bloom! Green Heather 1-Ply/Fingering Wt

I've been knitting with Topsy Farms worsted and aran for over a decade but this was my first go with the fingering. I knit a lace wrap with 2 skeins of green heather (probably my favourite colourway) and I find it strong, nice to knit (the natural colours actually moisturize your hands as you knit, this dyed fingering not so much), and I love the way it blooms when you wash it with Eucalan. Beautiful yarn, and I love the smell. Will buy again.

Ann Moore
Soft, squishy, warm and woolly.

This yarn is so good. I knit a sweater from Topsy yarn years ago and have worn it so much. It's still in great condition with little to no pilling. It's soft and warm and wonderful. Since I loved that sweater so much, I decided to try another. The swatch washed up so beautifully. It softened exponentially and the colour is stunning. Methinks I might have a new desert island wool...

Beautiful discovery

I heard about Topsy Farms yarn through a podcast. Months later I had a knitting project and I recalled about Topsy Farms. I loved all the colors but I only needed two.
I place my order, I got it very fast. This green is rich and multi-tonal. The yarn is rustic and grippy.
I held it double with the brown heather to knit a Men's Trench Cap for my son. It knits beautifully. He said it's super warm and toasty.
I will order again and again.

A first timer and I'll come back!

I heard about Topsy Farms yarn through a podcast.
My son requested a second Siki shawl (he calls it a shemag). I decided to pair it with the Men's Trench cap to make him a set.
I paired the green heather with brown heather and held them together.
The yarn is rustic, grippy and solid. The sheep scent made me so happy when I opened my package! Love that!
The colors are rich and tonal.
I started by knitting the hat, blocked it and gave it ti my son. He said it's warm and toasty. He loves his hat. I'm happy that it keeps him warm.
Service is top notch, yarn is amazing. I will buy again and again!