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Of COURSE it was wonderful

Exactly what it says on the tin. We went into a large indoor pen and talked to baby lambs for half an hour. How could it be anything other than lovely? There was a knowledgeable volunteer to share information and show us how to interact with the lambs, which is really important to keep the lambs safe, and she was obviously having a wonderful time. "What's your role?" "Helping people snuggle little lambs." All of us smiled nonstop for 30 minutes.
I've been intending to take my kids to Topsy for years. I briefly wondered if they'd be too old to really enjoy it, if I'd missed my window, but no. I have two sons, 12 and 14, and they loved it. It was really something special to watch them both talk softly and move carefully so as not to spook the babies, and to see their brilliant, gentle smiles as they held the lambs.
Recommend. 15/10. Eighteen stars AT LEAST. We'll be going back.

Lambing Love

My friend, cousin and I absolutely loved our visit to cuddle lambs at Topsy Farms! We were joyful and giddy - almost like school girls, despite being middle aged women! We were greeted by a friendly volunteer who was talkative and knowledgeable, despite only having volunteered there for a short time, and the lambs were so sweet and loving - they literally just wanted to be held and cuddled! After our booked visit, we strolled through the Wool Shed and admired the many beautiful hand crafted items in there and then made our way over to the field to spend some quality time with Cedar - the Highland cow! Also saw two kildeer in the field, and many birds. Enjoyed a lovely ferry ride back over to Kingston after exploring the island a bit. Over-all, a great day and enjoyable visit to Topsy Farms and Amherst Island!

A wonderful visit for everyone

We visited the foster lambs on 22 May with our grandchildren and their parents. It was a delightful experience to spend time with the lambs,to hold and cuddle them. The staff member who assisted us during our visit was very knowledgeable. A wonderful visit for everyone.

Nazanin Fallahi
Delightful and so fun

We visited this past Saturday with our sons, ages 12 and 8.5
My self and my husband enjoyed it just as much as the kids did. We actually booked two back to back sessions and are really glad to have had a full hour to cuddle and hold these sweet lambs and take photos and videos of them. Highly recommend visiting this farm.

Stephanie Cole
Heartwarming half-hour!

Absolutely lovely experience! Highly recommend visiting with the lambs (you don’t have to adopt to do this)! The staff is knowledgeable and friendly and even took some photos of us while we interacted with and held the lambs. Absolutely great for adults- not just kids. Be sure to wear barnyard-friendly clothes and shoes or bring a change of clothes. I preferred to sit on the ground with the lambs but they also had comfortable chairs and bales of hay available to sit on too. They had lots of sanitizer and a hand washing station to clean up after we handled the lambs. This was a definite highlight of our trip to PEC, the ferry to amhurst is on the way and is inexpensive and it was easy find the farm on the island. Beautiful views of the water and land on the way to Topsy. Also, this was super affordable which allowed us to purchase some great souvenirs and yarn onsite at the woodshed which are very reasonably priced as well. Would definitely go back and walk the trails when we have more time.