Lamb adoptions are open!

Young blond boy in a yellow shirt, sitting on green grass, snuggling a small white lamb

Adopt a Foster Lamb to help a baby lamb survive and thrive. Our flock of about 400 ewes will birth almost 700 lambs in May and June. Some lambs will be unable to stay with mama, and must be cared for.

Will you help save a baby lamb?

For $75 you will:

  •     Name the lamb. We will use your chosen name from then on
  •     Receive a photo of the lamb so you can find yours in a group
  •     Learn all we know of its birthing history and reasons for needing to be fostered
  •     Be encouraged to come to the farm to help cuddle and bottle-feed
  •     Learn about health care and needs of small lambs
  •     Get a report of your lamb’s progress as it learns to become a sheep

After a week or so, most lambs graduate to small farms where they join small free-range flocks.

You do NOT take your lamb home. Please note, one per customer.

If you adopt a foster lamb, you will help a caring, busy sheep farm nurture the most vulnerable to enable them to survive.

Click here to adopt a lamb