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Sheepskin, Medical

Sheepskin, Medical

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Circulation can be a grave problem for people who are required to sit or lie in one position for long periods of time. The suffering of someone not fully mobile can be increased by bedsores, friction irritation, chilling and sweating. Topsy Farms Medical Sheepskins can help ease that discomfort.

Wool has a natural resilience.  It contains masses of tiny air pockets so it “breathes”, unlike synthetic fibres. This air movement encourages healthier blood circulation in the body. It helps a person maintain a more comfortable body temperature, neither too hot nor too cold.  It wicks away moisture and is naturally resistant to molds, mildew and dust mites. And it is washable. Areas that are lightly soiled can be sponged off and dried with a towel. It may also be machine washed with care, following our care instructions. A final brushing will fluff it up to its previous beauty and resilience.

Each medical sheepskin is stamped on the back, our sign that it is an authentic product and that it carries our Guarantee of Excellence.

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