Nurture Orphan Lambs at Topsy Farms

Topsy Farms invites people, young and old, to help nurture orphan lambs at our farm on Amherst Island.

Child holding bottle for lamb to feed, with garndmother's help

Riley with Janis, feeding Fuzzy

We will have over 1000 lambs born in May and early June in the neighbouring pastures. You and your family are welcomed to watch from the road, the bonding between mama and baby. It is a joy to see the ewes gather peacefully while the young ones frolic in a pack, bounding happily.

But there are always a few birthing accidents, or multiple births that the ewe can’t manage. In nature, those lambs often die.

At Topsy Farms we do our best to nurture orphan lambs.

After a few weeks, these lambs move on to young farmers who wish to build their flock but who can’t afford adult sheep. Those farmers will continue to feed and care for the lambs until they can be self-sufficient on grass.

We invite your help to care for the newborn babies.

Two lambs feeding from bottles

Two eager orphans

WHEN: daily from May 16 – June 7

WHERE: 14775 Front Rd, Amherst Island

HOW: email

  or call 888-287-3157 for appointment

HOW MUCH: $10 per family or carload

WHO: kids encouraged, but no pets please. Accessible on lawn. Old and young invited. Please wear casual clothes.

WHAT ELSE: Ensure your camera batteries are charged for impossibly cute family photo opportunities. Bring Hand Wipes.

AND…:  The Wool Shed will be open to welcome all visitors with gifts and ideas from $5 up. (For a preview of some products see .

Child holding a peaceful-looking lamb

Gillian loving a lamb

Older woman in chair holding lamb

Nadine and Fuzzy

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