Plant a Victory Garden

close up of red and green lettuce, broccoli, and carrot greens growing in dark, rich soil


During times of upheaval and change, it's difficult to maintain your equilibrium. It's too easy to slip into hopelessness and helplessness when so much is beyond your control. In a situation this fluid, it's hard to stay grounded.

Maintaining connection and community is a new ballgame, and humans resist change. We get it. And we'd like to help; help you help yourself and the world. To that end, we partnered with Kubota Canada's #GrowStronger #CultiverLaForce campaign, and worked with them to build gardens big and small

The original wartime "Victory Gardens" were planted not only to supplement the food supply, but to boost morale. Getting your hands dirty, nurturing a seedling into a healthy plant, eating something you grew and picked's incredibly empowering and satisfying. It's good for your soul, your family, and your community. It's good for the planet. 

Whether you have an acre of beautiful topsoil, a postage stamp lawn, or a balcony or windowsill, you can grow something. Experienced gardeners know this. For the newbies, start small. Ask questions, research, don't be overwhelmed by perceived barriers. We'll help, too. We'll be posting more on the social about our growing season (and we'd love to hear about yours). We'll update this page with more resources, and continue to grow the virtual community of gardeners.  

As challenging as these times are, it's also an opportunity. Remember what's truly important, look for joy wherever you can, and be part of the solution. We're all in this together.

xo Team Topsy and Kubota Canada


This list is by no means comprehensive, just some of our favourites. We encourage you to shop local wherever possible. Look for heirloom seeds from your region.

Beginner Gardening is a video playlist especially for those with little or no experience. Take a look and get your green thumb going. Thanks to the awesome Lynn W for putting it together.

Burt's Greenhouses is our local indie nursery partner. For locals who want to pick up plants on the island May 26, please click here.
Doug Green is a lifetime gardener, whose books have won awards in Canada and the US. He is also a great neighbour. His site is full of resources, and for the duration of the pandemic he'll answer your vegetable gardening questions.
Master Gardeners of Rideau Thousand Islands is a Facebook group full of great info for this area
Kenhteke Seed Sanctuary grows, preserves, and protects heirloom and indigenous seeds in accordance with their traditional cosmology.
Greta's Organic Garden is a wonderful source for organic and heirloom vegetable seeds.
Annapolis Seeds has a huge selection of Canadian heirloom seeds, including grains.
William Dam Seeds is another source for seeds.
Richter's specializes in herbs.
Agissez sans Depenser - Pour les francophones, c'est l'information au sujet des légumes et l'environement. A French Facebook page, translatable, with tips on environmentally responsible behaviour, including posts about growing vegetables.