Sunflower hat pattern

 Ukrainian hat in blue and yellow Topsy Farms wool


By Yellow Cosmo @yellowcosmo 

This hat pattern was made available free by Yellow Cosmo, for people to make to show their support of Ukraine and its people. It was designed for a finer yarn than Topsy worsted, so with the consent of Yellow Cosmo, we have redesigned it, using her sunflower pattern exactly but with just 1 repetition on the front instead of a series around

Two sizes available: Youth (approx. 16 inch/40 cm circumference) and medium adult (approx. 22 inch/56 cm circumference). If other sizes are needed, reduce or increase stitches as needed in the area that does not have pattern. Adjust shaping as needed.

Needles: size 3.5 mm and 4.5, mm, or needles that will yield gauge.

1 skein each Topsy Farms worsted yarn (might make 2 hats) yellow or gold and royal blue

Gauge swatch: 20 stitches to 4 inches (10 cm)

With smaller needles and yellow or gold yarn, cast on 66 (78) stitches

K2P2 for 1.5 Inches (4 cm).

In final row, increase: k3(M1K5) K3 for smaller size; k4 (M 1, k6) k4 for larger size. 78 (90) stitches

K next 6 rows.

Follow chart on original Sunflower Hat for flower pattern, centered on the 36th (45th) stitch. See note

Be aware of the switch of main colour halfway thought the flower

Once flower is completed, work 7 (9) rows in blue, or desired length before decrease. On the last row of the smaller size, decrease one stitch to 77 stitches.

Decrease for crown.

work 9 (8) k2tog

work 1 row

work 8 (7), k2 together

Work 1 row

work 7(6), k2 together

Work 6 (5), k2 together.

Continue decreases on every row, until you end with (k2 tog) on all stitches. Thread yarn though, pull firmly and fasten off. Sew in ends and block.

Note: One option is to carry the contrast yarn all the way around the hat, for 16 rows.  We chose to cut ends and reintroduce the colour on following rows, preferring to weave in ends rather than carry the extra yarn. The third option is to knit flat (back and forth, alternating knit and purl rows) just for the section that includes the intarsia sunflower. Once the flower is complete, go back to working in the round to finish the hat. You will have to see up that bit of a seam at the end. It is entirely up to the crafter.