The Live Edge Throw

Eco ethical soft wool, mixed with rich blends of premium alpaca allows each throw to be unique and one of a kind. 

Live Edge Collection throws are a special edition Topsy blanket made with natural un dyed 50/50 wool and alpaca blend.  only 400 will be made in each run! 

Unmatched in quality and durability, Topsy blankets have a natural luxuriousness that will last a lifetime. 

All Natural, Canadian Product

It's important to us that we use nothing but the highest quality Canadian wool and alpaca fibre in our Live Edge Collection.

Keeping Farmland, Farmland

Every sale helps Topsy Farms keep farmland as farmland.

Wholesale Availability - coming soon

Contact us for bulk and wholesale blanket orders for boutique hotels, motels, and accomodation providers.


If you have any questions about our Live Edge blanket or are interested in learning about wholesale opportunities, get in touch and we'll connect as soon as possible