A thinner sheepskin, often used for crafting.

Sheepskins, Crafting

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Topsy Farms crafting shearling sheepskins have been trimmed so that the short wool staple stands upright, providing dense cushioning. They each have minor flaws and are thus less expensive than the medical skins. They are perfect for those who wish to cut a piece of skin for seat  covers, dog or cat beds, booties, slippers, insoles and other creative projects.

Wool staple lengths available: 8mm, 3/8″; 16mm , 5/8″; and 25mm, 1″. 

These skins are machine washable, following our instructions. Areas that are lightly soiled can be sponged off and dried with a towel. A final brushing will fluff it up to its previous beauty and resilience.

Each crafting shearling sheepskin is backed by our Guarantee of Excellence.

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