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Farm Stories

  • Looks Nice, but I’m Allergic to Wool

    Several visitors have come into our Wood Shed, hands firmly in pockets, saying “This is nice but I’m allergic to wool.” They like the look, the smell, and even the cautiously-tested feel of the wool products. However, they have experienced rashes and discomfort in the past and are certain they are allergic to wool, all […]

  • Canada 150 Plus

    Canada 150 Plus recognizes that the history of First Nations, Métis and Inuit, predates confederation by millennia. Topsy Farms is proud to have its products used and valued by many First Nations groups and individuals, as well as in events that celebrate Canada’s heritage since 1867. We are fund-raising for the www.downie/ fund to help […]

  • Sheep are Smart

    Sheep are smart – don’t let anyone pull the wool over your eyes. Their survival drive ensures they can learn almost anything that matters to them. People say disparagingly that someone “follows like sheep”. At times that is appropriate. Usually a wise old ewe takes the lead when we move the flock. She follows those […]

  • Green Tourism Canada Certification

    We applied for Green Tourism Canada Certification this winter. A branch of Green Tourism International, Green Tourism Canada promotes ecotourism by : • Encouraging tourist-oriented organizations to examine and improve their carbon footprint. • Helping eco-minded travelers locate and choose their destinations. The Canadian organization,, is determined to create a sustainable industry that welcomes […]

  • Permaculture at Topsy Farms

    We practice permaculture at Topsy Farms because it makes sense. The shallow land and Island context sets limits to what works without damage or erosion. The farm we bought in 1971 is located on the west end of Amherst Island in Lake Ontario. The shallow, drought-prone soil is best used for forage. We keep the […]

  • Prepping the shearing floor

    Our shearing floor is cluttered. It is piled high, 362 days of the year, with inventory for our Wool Shed. There’s no room for the sheep or shearers. Over 200 blankets take up lots of room, not to mention the pure wool woven throws and lap robes.   A year’s supply of natural pure wool […]

  • Dreaming about Wool Pillows

    Wool Pillows enhance sleep. There are lots of reasons for that claim: • Wool breathes. It traps lots of air, so it is actually cooler in summer as well as warmer in winter. It helps the body temperature stay at a comfort level, unlike fibrefill or other artificial petroleum industry by-products. • Washed wool fibres […]

  • Lamb Shanks or Necks Make Great Soup

    Buying a half lamb for the first time, with lamb shanks or necks included, can be a challenge to those who usually cook only chops or roasts. (Shanks are the upper part of front legs.) One of our lamb customers presented us with this fine recipe, great for winter comfort. “DOCTOR DOUG’S “CANADIAN” SCOTCH BROTH […]

  • Chemical Free Homemade Dog Food

    We’ve started making chemical free homemade dog food for our hard-working dogs. Five guardian dogs live outdoors year-round, working hardest at nights to patrol and protect our flock of sheep. During cold winters, dogs need extra nutrients and digestible fats. Research on-line gives a scary range of opinions, recipes and advice about making homemade dog […]

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  • Family-built Wool Shed

    Our family-built Wool Shed is complete and open for visitors. Success! This example shines, in an increasingly ‘big box’, mass-produced world. Rural communities are eroding, farms disappearing. Support from our friends, neighbours, municipalities and province has cheered on the family-built Wool Shed. They loaned money, muscle, expertise and moral support. Customers have written of their […]

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  • Crafting Shearling Sheepskins

    We are introducing Crafting Shearling Sheepskins in response to significant demand. All shearling sheepskins are chosen for the highest density of wool; the thickest loft, then trimmed to the desired length of staple, from 8 mm to 25 mm, standing up like a dense ‘brushcut’. They come in 3 forms: Customers use Medical skins of […]

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  • Tear Down Our Wool Shed Store ?

    The Township told Topsy Farms we had to tear down our Wool Shed store to widen the road. What a shock! Our Wool Shed at Topsy Farms is housed in a former small milk house/ice house, built about 90 years ago on the edge of the narrow road, on the edge of the lake, handy […]

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