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Love this pillow

Had a little nap on my new pillow today. Soft but supportive. Springy and lofty. It feels great. Very impressed!

Great pillow

So soft and comfortable. I love it.


Lovely pillows. I use them on my bed when I'm reading or sitting up relaxing They offer an amazing amount of support but are still wonderfully comfortable

Did not live up to expectations

I have had the Queen pillow for a little over a year now. I wanted to experience it for a sufficient period of time before reviewing it. The reviews I read had me sold, and although some aspects of them ring true, I am still left disappointed. I had concerns from the moment the pillows arrived. We ordered 2, and they came squished into a box such that they were partially folded. They were also extremely thin, nothing like the pictures. As I predominately sleep on my back, I wasn’t overly concerned. However, my wife found this problematic from the beginning. She abandoned her pillow after a few months. My dissatisfaction with the pillow is not being able to sleep on my side. I do not have large shoulders and would be considered a smaller build 5’10 male. However, the pillow lays very flat an cannot be fluffed up. This creates neck and shoulder pain when I roll to my side. I generally find it stays cool and only occasionally flip it over to lay on a slightly cooler side. If the pillow had enough loft for side sleeping, I think I’d be happy with it. Unfortunately, in its current state, it passes for sleeping on my back and is a very expensive throw pillow for my wife. I should also mention that we love our 2 wool blankets. We keep one on our bed and use the other for cool nights around the campfire.


Finally, a pillow that is comfortable for me. I absolutely love this pillow! It stays a perfect temperature throughout the night. These will be the only pillows I buy from now on.