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Lamb, Half Packages

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Lamb sales are finished for the season. Please sign up for our mailing list to be notified when lambs become available next fall. We still have individual cuts available at the Wool Shed (our farm gate shop), and at Pig & Olive in Kingston. 


Our Most Popular Package: Leg-2 half roasts, bone-in, Loin-chops, Ribs-rack, Shoulder-stew, Shank-whole, Breast/Neck-ground.

Numerous Small Cuts: Leg-all in chops, Loin-chops, Ribs-chops, Shoulder-stew, Shank/Breast/Neck-ground.

Deboned Roasts: Leg-2 deboned roasts, Loin-chops, Ribs-chops, Shoulder-1 deboned roast and stew, Shank-whole, Breast/Neck-chunks.

Variety Package: Leg-2 small bone-in roasts and 2 steaks, Loin-chops, Ribs-rack, Shoulder-2 roasts, Shank-whole, Breast/Neck-ground.

Chops Chops Chops: Leg-chops, Loin-chops, Ribs-chops, Shoulder-stew, Shank/Breast/Neck-ground.

Bone-In Roasts: Leg-bone-in whole, Loin-roast, Ribs-rack, Shoulder-bone-in roast, Shank-whole, Breast/Neck-chunks.

Gourmet Pack: The best of the best. Leg-2 roasts bone-in, Loin-chops, Ribs-rack, Shoulder-1 bone-in roast, stew. 

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