Scavenger Quest 2019 Answers

Topsy Farms' first annual Scavenger Quest

Sincere and heartfelt thanks everyone for participating in the first annual Scavenger Quest! We hope you had as much fun on the Quest as we did putting it together and going through the answers. Some questions had more than one answer, and we were lenient with some of the more vaguely-worded questions. We'll be mindful of that for next year, and also make a downloadable form so your answers don't disappear. Apologies to anyone who experienced that frustration.

Congratulations to the prize winners! Everyone who participated will receive a sticker and a discount code for their next Wool Shed purchase, or free shipping. There is a souvenir handmade wooden candle holder at the Wool Shed for you.

Here are some screenshots of some of the trickier questions. Click here for the answers.


Black and white picture of a group of hippies, captioned "founded by hippies, check, grizzly bears x"Grey tweed wool blanket tied with orange string, held up by a tattooed arm
Interior of a pickup truck with a large lamb on a man's lap, looking out the windowPine barn board with "Charles Eves Jack Eves" written in cursive
Screenshot of promotional material from the Canadian Wildlife Federation featuring a Topsy Farms grey and white plaid wool blanketGreen grass on a cliff with a calm lake and shoreline in the background, captioned "highland cows check, pterodactyls x"