Ian Murray - owner

Sally Bowen - owner

Woman wearing dark coveralls and a knitted hat on stone walkway, carrying 2 lambs with more at her feet

I was born and raised in Toronto, but found my home in the country, with Ian. I had previously travelled to all provinces and territories in Canada, working in several, spending time with Inuit and First Nations peoples, and becoming fluently bilingual. My training and passion were in community development.

My family, home and community, and the life and needs of the farm have become my life, though I still feel strongly about trying to do some service. I’ve grown and gathered fresh food donations for those in need in Kingston for almost 40 years.

I became ill with Lyme disease in the late ‘90’s, and now live with a NJ tube, spending time in bed every afternoon for feedings. That has redirected my life and activities somewhat.

On the farm I’ve been primarily involved with feeding the bottle-reared lambs, and in the winter months, the private lamb sales. I started producing hand-made items of our yarn for the Wool Shed, and now have 6 knitters working with me. Posting daily to our social media in the past few years has been interesting. I am a passionate gardener and lake swimmer.

Though unwell and aging, I am proud to be able to be an integral part of the on-going life and work of the farm and family.

Leah Murray - Operations Manager 

Smiling woman with long hair, wearing a plaid shirt and jean jacket, standing in front of a house, with two lambs at her feet

Leah was born in Kingston General Hospital in February of 1972, just months after her parents and the rest of the hippies purchased the farm. She was very disappointed to learn that the story of her mother crossing the ice on a snowmobile, while in labour, turned out to be apocryphal. Growing up in an alternative family on the island was at times challenging, but the arrival of a fat pinto pony called Tim when she was 10 gave her the opportunity to fall in love with the farm. After high school, she moved to Kingston and waited tables at the storied Chinese Laundry Café in. There began an enduring relationship not just with the people, but with all things decadent, delicious, and downtown about Kingston.

Always a bit of a nomad, she has lived in Toronto; Vancouver; in a converted school bus near Tofino, BC; and on Arioso, a 40’ Hallberg-Rassy sloop. She recommends Georgetown SC for the freshest shrimp, the Intracoastal Waterway for dolphin watching, and the northern tip of Long Island in the Bahamas for seeing the green flash. In 2014 she spent a year sailing the Atlantic ocean, which was the adventure of a lifetime. Ireland is her heart’s other home, despite the fact that she is completely flummoxed by Gaelic football.

Leah took over the accounting piece of the farm in 2015, and became Operations Manager in 2018. Ovine obstetrics are her favourite farm chore, and she also enjoys driving tractors, having the monthly accounting reconciliation go smoothly, and the smell of newborn lambs.

When not at work, you can find her and her friends enjoying the beauteous majesty of the Bluffs, playing Scrabble, dancing like no one’s watching, and debating whether that was a Cooper’s or a sharp-shinned hawk. Her favourite colour is purple.

 Jacob Murray - director of media and marketing

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"I'm not built to live in a city" -Jacob Murray

Jacob has a passion for the land. After finishing a Bachelor of Arts degree at university of Waterloo he moved back to Amherst Island with two sons Nathan and Michael. When he's not working on the farm you can find Jacob playing the guitar by the campfire, volunteering at various things around the island (fire department, community groups). Jacob loves building dry stone walls - he was the driving force behind the Topsy wall beside the Wool Shed. He enjoys hanging out with friends, hosting parties, and listening to audiobooks and podcasts. His favorite books are For Whom the Bell Tolls by Hemingway and George Orwell's 1984. His favorite podcast is The Joe Rogan experience. His favorite bands are The Band and The Glorious Sons. His favorite movies are The Boondock Saints and the Hunt for Red October

It's fair to say that Jacob is the vision behind Topsy Farms new direction towards eco-tourism. He is also the face and voice of Topsy Farms doing the majority of media interviews.

Kyle Murray - head shepherd

Young man with long dark curly hair, lying in green grass nose to nose with a white lamb

Will Adam - head mechanic

Kayleigh Graham - assistant shepherd