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Queen-sized wool blankets are woven out of unbleached wool washed only in natural soap. They measure 76”x104”, and weigh about 6 pounds.

Throw-sized blankets measure 52″x76″, half the size of a queen blanket; similar to a twin bed size.They weigh 3lbs.

Lap robes measure 48″x60″ and weigh about 2 pounds.

All Topsy wool products are machine washable, following our instructions.

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Queen, Queen's Tricolour Tweed
  • $225.00

Sold out

Queen, Navy Blue and Red
  • $200.00
Queen, Black and Red
  • $200.00
Queen, Red Tweed with White Stripes
  • $200.00
Queen, White with Red Stripes
  • $200.00
Queen, Blue Heather with White Stripes
  • $200.00
Queen, Light Grey and Red
  • $200.00
Throw, Queen's Tricolour
  • $150.00
Throw, Navy Blue and Red
  • $125.00
Throw, Grey and Red
  • $125.00
Throw, Black and Red
  • $125.00
Lap Robe, Red
  • $100.00