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Topsy wool blankets are woven out of Canadian unbleached wool, washed only in natural soap.

Queens measure 76x104”, and weigh about 6 lbs. They can be turned sideways to cover a king bed, with little overhang. Large throws are 52x76", almost a double bed size, and weigh 3 lbs. Small throws (formerly lap robes) are 48x60" and weigh 2 lbs, are twin bed sized and ideal for the couch.

Perfect as a traditional wedding gift, our blankets are also great for campers, cottagers, and everyone who appreciates the warmth, comfort, and style of wool in their homes. Unmatched in quality and durability, Topsy blankets have a natural luxuriousness that will last a lifetime.

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Fuchsia tweed wool blanket with white stripes and white edging, Topsy Farms' logo in one corner
Fuchsia with White Stripes Wool Blanket
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